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SCORING & LEADERBOARD launched Australia's first live mobile golf scoring technology over 10 years ago and since then, has run scoring at hundreds of events, including some of Australia's largest Corporate & Charity events, as well as Professional and Pro Am events. 


Delivering a fully managed service, customers (the event organisers) have confidence that the technology complements, bolsters and underpins golfer/team scoring management, as well as adding a level of real-time excitement typically reserved for Professional events.


Golfers/teams monitor their progress via mobile scoring & leaderboard devices in real-time (although live updates are typically switched off with a few holes to play).  The technology automatically takes care of Golf Australia handicapping and slope ratings under multiple scoring formats (from Ambrose and Stroke to various flavours of Individual and Team Stableford) and also allows event sponsors to be showcased.

PHOTOGRAPHY also provides a full suite of photography services, specialising in Action Photos - including candids, close-ups, swings and post-golf presentations.  We take pride in delivering a comprehensive service to ensure great memories remain after the event is over!  Our photography services extend beyond golf to other outdoor events.



With a background in technology, also develops robust registration, payment and showcase technology solutions.  Customers include leading Banks, Insurers, Telcos and IT Service companies.


These days, your event needs an edge to both excite your attendees and keep them returning, as well as underpin many of your golfer/team administration processes - provides the expertise and know-how to help make your event a standout.



In addition to its own technology, works very closely with partners to deliver the industry's most comprehensive range of high quality managed services. 


Through its targeted reach and longstanding relationships with its event partners, provides unparalleled opportunities for its technology partners to benefit from unique networking initiatives and sponsorships.   




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